More and better crypto prizes. Find out what Level Up's all about.

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Play at Metaspins for the full crypto casino experience: that also means you get real crypto rewards with our Level Up.
Why Level Up?

For rewards, so many of them!

Climb the levels and get:

  • Up to 50% Rakeback
  • Crypto prizes from our Level Up Metaspin and Daily Metaspin
  • The chance to score a Big Win of up to $1,000 in token rewards
  • Tickets to daily MetaLotto draws worth up to $20,000
  • 50% Reload Bonuses up to a maximum of $1000

By the way: all token rewards are wager-free.

The higher your level, the bigger your rewards.

What Do I have to Do?

  • Play any game at our casino at min bet $0.20, any bet counts
  • Level Up by reaching the required number of bets
  • Spin the Metaspin
  • Get your exciting reward
  • Play to reach the next level

How does it Work?

Every time you play your favourite games at our casino, you gain points towards reaching a new level. You have to reach a number of spins for every Level Up, and each spin is equal to 1 XP point.

Once you Level Up our custom-built Metaspin will magically appear in your Rewards section. Every time you spin it you can get a crypto reward, a reload bonus, MetaLotto tickets or a Big Win.

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What is Rakeback?

The Rakeback is our way to reward you by giving you back part of the House Edge. Unlike the old cashback, you get a reward for ALL your gameplay not just your losses.

Based on how much you play and the RTP of the games you like, we will give you up to 50% of our theoretical advantage in Rakeback.

Here’s an example of how it works:

  • You are at Level 26
  • Spin $1 on Wolf Gold (94% RTP)
  • After 500 spins you would have played $500
  • Our House Edge is of $30
  • Level Up and claim up to $7.5 reward or any other prize.

Is that everything? Well, no - you can also claim a Daily Metaspin. You could win a further $3, or trigger any of the other prizes including the Big Win. You don’t have to deposit or play again, and win or lose, you still get a reward.

What is a Daily Metaspin?

If up to 50% Rakeback isn’t enough, we’ve got more.

You can get a Daily Metaspin too: play min $30 at the casino between midday and midday (UTC), and you’ll get to spin for a reward the following noon.

Your prize will get a multiplier too and you can be rewarded with another 10% of your Rakeback, with the same chance to net the $1,000 Big Win, the 50% Reload Bonus and the MetaLotto tickets as you have in the Level Up Metaspin.

50% Reload Bonus

You can get an extra 50% bonus with your next deposit. The maximum bonus amount depends on your level:

  • Level 1-4: 50% up to $50
  • Level 5-24: 50% up to $100
  • Level 25-149: 50% up to $250
  • Level 150-999: 50% up to $500
  • Level 1000+: 50% up to $1000
MetaLotto Tickets

The number of tickets you earn when Leveling Up is calculated on a percentage of the house edge divided by the current price of one MetaLotto ticket. You will see the amount of tickets you win on the Metaspin outcome itself.

Terms & Conditions

Level Up Metaspin

  • Every Metaspin awarded will be based on the gameplay between levels.
  • The Rakeback Rate ranges between 1% and 50% for each spin and is calculated on the theoretical house edge.
  • The triggered Multiplier is randomly selected each time and ranges from 1x to 25x.
  • The chance to get any of the multipliers for a Level Up Metaspin is equal at 33.33% each.
  • Each Metaspin has a chance to hit a Big Win multiplier.
  • The Big win will award USD 50, USD 150, USD 300, USD 500 or USD 1000 based on your current level.
  • The winnings from the Level Up Metaspin will be automatically added to the correct wallet.
  • There is no wagering requirement required to unlock the awarded funds, they are added in real money.
  • Each Metaspin is only available for 24 hours once awarded and will expire if not used.
  • Only wagers made with real money will be eligible.
  • Only wagers made equal to or more than USD 0.20 equivalent will be eligible.
  • The token reward for every Metaspin is randomized based on the tokens used up to a total of 3. If there are fewer than three tokens used, the outcomes are randomized between other popular tokens alongside the used tokens.

Daily Metaspin

The terms for Daily Metaspins are similar to the Level Up Metaspins with the exceptions that;

  • Every Daily Metaspin awarded will be based on the gameplay in between 12:00:00 (Midday) UTC and 11:59:59 UTC.
  • The Daily Metaspin is awarded at 12:00:00 (noon) UTC every day and is available for 24 hours.
  • The Rakeback Rate for Daily Metapins ranges between 1% and 10% for each spin and is calculated on the theoretical house edge.
  • The triggered Multiplier for every Daily Metaspin is randomly selected from 1x, 2x and 10x.
  • The chance to get any of the multipliers for a Level Up Metaspin is equal at 33.33% each.
  • To qualify for a Daily Metaspin, USD 30 equivalent needs to be wagered between 00:00:00 UTC and 23:59:59 UTC each rolling 24 hour period.
  • The Big win will award USD 50, USD 150, USD 300, USD 500 or USD 1000 based on your current level.
  • Calculations will take into account your highest achieved level at the time the promotion is awarded.

Reload Bonus

  • Only customers who land on the reload outcome from the Metaspin are eligible for this promotion.

  • The bonus is a deposit bonus and bonus money will be added once the eligible deposit was made.

  • Players need to claim the reward from the reward section.

  • The offer expires in 1 day.

  • The bonus will not be re-activated once expired.

  • The bonus needs to be wagered a certain number of times in order to be withdrawable.

    • Level 1-26 25x bonus + deposit
    • Level 27 - 151 20x bonus + deposit
    • 152+ 15x bonus + deposit
  • Wagering requirements need to be fulfilled within 7 days, if not, the bonus will expire.

  • The max bet with bonus is

    • Level 1-26 $10
    • Level 27 -151 $20
    • 152 -1001 $50
    • 1002+ $100
  • Different games contribute toward wagering at different levels.

  • General bonus terms and conditions apply.

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